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Posted on 23rd March 2010 by Henry Mangult in Business Loans

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Are you new to the Stock trading market? Are you just now thinking about opening a trading account or broker account? Or are you just looking to learn a little more about where your 401(k), IRA or mutual funds are being invested? Either way here is a beginner’s introduction to the Stock trading market.

The Stock trading market is based around companies or firms that trade equity known as stock on the open market. This allows for individuals or other companies to pick up shares of the stocks therefore becoming partial owners of this original organization. Individuals called day traders can often make many transactions over a short span of time. This is done in an attempt to make short-term profits or gains without the risk of long-term volatility. These individuals often work in the Stock trading market on a part-time basis allowing themselves to hold down other jobs or sources of income. Still yet there are financial advisors who manage stock trading market accounts for many individuals. Because of the expertise these financial advisors have they charge a commission based on the trading frequencies of their clientele.

Sometimes individuals who purchase equity on the Stock trading market do so with the intent of holding and carrying a long-term position. This is traditionally done when the research they’ve done on the companies in which they intend to invest shows that the company has a strong fundamental business position and shows positive upward mobility. In these instances the individual’s intent is to hold the stock for months and even years.

So ultimately while some individuals are taking a long-term position within the stock trading market other individuals choose to take a much shorter term position pulling their earnings off the table on a much more frequent basis. Either method of trading can make money however an individual who’s completely unfamiliar with the market should seek the advice of a financial advisor in order to prevent the risk of lost capital.

So whether you work on the philosophy of “dating stocks” and not “marrying stocks” or rather hold long-term investments, always remember that bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs go to slaughter.

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